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Your BnB Booking Babe

Convenient booking for you and me - Meet our new Virtual Receptionist. Just think of her as "your BnB Booking babe", here to help you get your appointments scheduled and answer any simple questions.

Why this is exciting! :

  1. It helps us not miss any of your requests, calls, or questions!

  2. It allows us to focus on providing you with the best service while in our chair completely free of distractions!

  3. You can now book and chat at your own convenience 24/7!

How it works:


You call. There's no answer, and you need an appointment, or have a question only we can answer.

Our call forwarding kicks in and you will recieve an automated text response from our BnB booking babe (She's a bot). She has all the answers to get you booked and can forward any questions you have directly on to your stylist or artist and we can respond to you as soon as possible.


Once you go to our website a chat box will pop up and you can start chatting immediately with our BnB booking babe! Super simple.

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