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Why Hair Extensions Can Actually Help Your Hair Grow and Become Healthier

Nikki, Hand Tied Extensions Specialist at Blush N' Blow in Harrison NY, always tells her clients "the end goal when getting extensions is to not need them." She is an extension wearer herself, and because her hair has grown so much and has much better integrity than when she


from tape ins to the hand tied method that she's still confident without them.

Here is how extensions, when properly installed and maintained, can help your hair heal and grow.

1: They hold a style so well! We're all guilty of inflicting heat damage to our hair heat styling. Whether you're addicted to beachy waves or love your hair sleek and straight when you style your hair with hand tied extensions the style holds much better. Because the extensions hold styles, hot tool touch ups will be less frequent.

2: BLONDES REJOICE! Full blonding touch ups can be less frequent, giving your hair a chance to heal from

chemical damage. This is again thanks to some of your natural hair being covered by your hand tied extensions. Another factor to consider with color is you have the availability to add pops of brightness with the extensions, while leaving your hair untouched by lightener. We love a healthy blonde!

3: Extensions are an investment, and most of us covet our investments. Because of this you'll likely take better care of your hair with your extensions in than when it's just your natural hair. People are so happy with how their hair looks with hand tied extensions that they don't risk dreaded drug store shampoos, or not brushing. Using the right products and taking proper care of your extensions will inevitably help your hair too!

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