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Hand Tied Extensions at Home Maintenance

Awesome! So, you've had your extensions installed. They look and feel amazing, you're home, now what? How do you preserve their perfection (and your investment) at home?

Here are some tips and tricks from @styldbynikki_

Brush hair thoroughly 1-2 times a day. Always keep a firm grip on the base of the extensions while brushing. Separate rows and brush individually.

Before bed make sure to sleep in a loose low braid or ponytail secured with a silk scrunchy.

So you're ready to wash, the dry shampoo isn't cutting it anymore. Get your supplies (pictured and linked below). Brush out your hair again, hop in the shower, wet hair completely. Use a dime sized amount of Iles Shampoo, rubbing it between your hands before working into your hair, starting at the scalp. You can scrub away at your natural hair, adding more water to create more of lather but DO NOT scrub the tops of the rows aggressively, make sure to let the shampoo run down and work into a lather at the ends. RINSE WELL. Repeat if necessary. Use quarter sized amount of Iles Formula Conditioner, and apply from mids to ends for finer thinner hair, and all over for drier hair. Rinse well to avoid product buildup. Squeeze out as much excess moisture as possible.

Before blow drying make sure to remove excess moisture with a towel by holding in a pony tail and squeezing down without tension or pulling. Rough dry the extensions until they're 50% dry. Apply Iles Finishing Serum and brush through, starting at the bottom and work your way up. Section wefts from your natural hair and dry each section individually. To make life easier continue to rough dry your rows until 80% dry then smooth with a larger round brush. ALWAYS get the tops of the rows 100% dry, even if you're airdrying. This avoids scalp irritation, buildup, and maintains the integrity of the hair.

Hot tools are safe on the extensions, so rock those lived in beach waves. Just like your natural hair, excessive heat can damage them, so @styldbynikki_ recommends nothing above 350.

If you feel like your hair is extra dry or lacking shine and moisture use the Iles Formula Conditioning Mask once a week.

Always remember that the best maintenance is to keep up with your scheduled move-ups!

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