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Curly Hair Styling

Hi, I'm @haircolorbyjillian, and I love curls. If you have curly hair, wavy, or wtf is this hair this one's for you.

5 Things Everyone with Curly Hair Needs to Know

5. Silk is your best friend! Using a silk pillowcase, bonnet, or hair wrap will preserve your curls, prevent frizz, and help prevent breakage.

4. When blow drying, diffusing is the only way to go. Don't touch your hair while it is drying. To diffuse (after applying product) gently flip your head over, and start diffusing at the roots, and then your ends pushing the hair up with the diffuser. Do not touch your hair with your hands. Do this until about 80% dry and allow the rest to air dry.

3. Do not touch your hair while it's drying. Leave it alone. Your hair knows its job, your hands will only sabotage its efforts.

2. A good haircut will change your life. Curls need shape in order to thrive. Find inspiration photos of haircuts with a similar curl structure and go to your local curly haired specialist (hi!) to get your best hair!

1.We all had that awkward phase in middle school (give or take your whole life). I was personally called chia pet from 10-13 years old. Let it go. Curls ARE beautiful, and so are you. Also, middle school bullies suck.

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