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5 Tips to Keep Your Blowout Looking Fresh

1) Start by getting your hair blown out and professionally styled by one of our experienced stylists. Starting with a good base to your style will help it last longest!

2) Sleep with your hair in a loose high bun, or a loose braid secured with a scrunchie. (Try a silk pillowcase to reduce bed head and frizzy hair.)

3) Use a dry shampoo to avoid oily roots. Make sure to work it into your root area, and add heat from your blow dryer. For added volume, we use R+Co Balloon Dry Volume Spray. Use it at home by flipping hair over and spraying all over from mid length to ends for an all over finished look.

4) Your hands have natural oils, so avoid playing with your hair too much! Clip your hair back (channel your inner Snooki, we all have one!) to get it out of the way.

5) Fresh is best. Always listen to your stylist and keep up with haircuts and use salon quality products. Freshly cut hair styles and holds better.

*BONUS TIP: Here’s how to use a curling iron to create loose beachy waves:

Take large subsections, curl away from your face, and leave the ends out to avoid that overly done look. Once your whole head is curled, run your fingers through your hair, then finish with a texture spray. We love working with a 1-inch curling iron for women with hair shoulder length or shorter, and 1 ½-inch curling iron for longer hair.

Products Recommended:

R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo, Balloon Dry Volume Spray, Trophy Texture and Shine Spray

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