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Frequently Asked Hair Questions:


How should I come in with my hair for an up-do (do it up)?

As a client coming in for an up-do, it is important to remember that you must wash your hair and blow dry it as smooth as you can the day/night before. Second day hair works best for up-do’s.

How long will a blowout take and last?

Here at Blush n Blow, we book 40 minutes for the average blowout. Depending on your hairs length, and texture, a blow out can take 20 minutes or it could take up to an hour. Always take into consideration that the longer/thicker of hair you have, you could be in the chair longer than someone who has shorter/finer hair.

We’ve had clients who have had our blowouts last up to a week depending on how you take care of it!

Why does this cost what it costs?

As a salon, we frequently get asked why we charge the prices we do. At Blush n Blow we charge based upon the labor that is put into the styling. For example, when we do add on services such as hot tools, we are charging for the extra 20 minutes of work the stylist is putting into it.

Do you take walk-ins?

Yes! We do our best to accommodate any walk in appointments but we always recommend to try to book your appointments in advance especially for weekend appointments.

How should I come in with my hair for Hot Tools?/What does Hot Tools consist of?

Hot tools, is a service that we offer which includes either a curling iron, or straightener. We recommend coming in with clean, smooth, blow dried hair.


Do you wash my hair or should I wash it myself prior to my appointment?

Shampoo and conditioner is included with your Blush Blowout! We prefer to shampoo and condition clients hair ourselves to ensure the best possible long lasting blowout. We use all color/keratin safe products here at Blush n’ Blow if you have any allergies or prefer a specific product let us know!

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