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Hair Extensions

Hand Tied

Hand Tied
Extension Breakdown

DO's / DONT'S:


Brush hair thoroughly multiple times a day. Always keep a firm grip on the base of the extensions so as to not pull unnecessarily. Brush rows individually. Liberally apply ILES Formula Serum morning and night. Saturate hair with ILES Conditioner or Mask before swimming underwater in the pool or ocean. Never sleep on wet hair. This will cause them to tangle and create matting.



Frequently Asked Extension Questions

What are Hand Tied Extensions?

Hand tied extensions are thin wefts of hair tied together by 2 strings, this makes them very thin and lightweight. When applying these extensions we create a row across your head with small microbeads and string. We then sew the hand tied wefts on to this beaded row. This method provides minimal points of contact between your hair and the extensions. There is no heat or glue used during installation.


How much does it cost and how much hair will I need ?

Pricing depends on your hair goals/needs. The amount of hair needed to achieve your hair goals is determined at your consultation. We usually recommend 6-8 wefts for clients with fine/thin hair looking for longer, and fuller hair. 10-12 for clients with thicker hair looking to add length.

How long can the hair last?

Hair itself can last up to 9-12 months depending on proper home care, or as little as 2 months if you do not follow after care guide lines. We retail all recommended products in our salon.


How often is the move up/ do you use new hair?

Every 6-8 weeks. We reuse the same hair, unless you want to change your color.


Can I tone / color the extensions?

Yes, preferably only by your stylist.

Can I lighten my extensions?



Is it painful?

Chances are you’ll be a little sore for about 24 hours after your installation. The first few nights they may be uncomfortable to sleep on; they feel tight like a headband and can cause light headaches. Ibuprofen is recommended before starting the extensions.

You'll adjust quickly, if you don't please let the salon know so we can make any adjustments necessary to make them more comfortable.


What does the service include?

Your hand tied extension wefts, installation, custom root smudge on extensions, and blending cut and style.

How expensive are these?

​A consultation is recommended to determine your goals and how many rows of hair would be necessary. Our goal is to give you your dream hair while working within your beauty budget. To schedule a consult please call the salon at 914-630-4949.

Initial install includes the cost of hair, installation, a custom color on the extension hair and a cut to blend.


Will it damage my hair?

Just like color and heat styling your hair if not performed properly and cared for at home appropriately they can cause damage. We have been trained by Habit Salon to install these extensions with minimal impact on your natural hair. No heat, tape, or glue is used in the process therefore never causing permanent damage if done correctly by an extension specialist, and someone who will educate you on proper after care.

Can you style them like normal hair?

Yes, we use quality human hair and it can be washed curled, styled like your own. One of the perks of extensions is they stay styled longer than normal hair and you can go days without needing a refresh.


What is the best after care?

No rough brushing. Use a paddle brush. No harsh waters (ocean water, pool water, hard water). Air dry/rough dry 75-80% before styling. Brush in the morning when you wake up, and before you go to sleep, brush and put in braid or low pony. No harsh products. Do not color extensions. Do not try to remove them on your own. Keep up maintenance and your hair will look as good as new.

Initial Installation

includes: cost of hair, installation fee,

root tap/toner, cut and style.


Mini Move-Up 

(3-4 weeks after initial install)


Full Move-Up

(6-8 weeks after initial install)

all additional color services are priced a la cart

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